Game Update - 25 June 2024 - v1.3 ?11516

Minor changes and more bug fixes.

Game Update - 25 June 2024 - v1.3 ?11516

[ItA] = Into the Abyss only
[AoD] = Atlas of Discovery only

Changes & Balancing

  • Reduced Tangled Grove entry cost to 2M ASC, down from 2.5M
  • Reduced node respawn interval of Abyssium Ore and Abycite by 66%
  • Reduced node respawn interval of Brumite Ore by 40%
  • Reduced node respawn interval of Gloomite Ore by 20%
  • Increased Farming Abyssal Level requirement of the first Special Plot to 7 ito match the level requirement of the first Special seed you can plan there.


  • Fixed instances where it was possible to change actions while loading saves, causing offline progress to run on that new action rather than what you were previously training.
  • [ItA] Fix Agility Obstacle 6-2 providing bonus to Skill XP instead of Abyssal XP
  • [ItA] Fix overlords superior enhancement using incorrect values
  • [ItA] Remove some items counting toward completion when they should not be.
  • [ItA] Fix incorrect bonus on blighted superior enhancement
  • [ItA] Fix Abyssal Leprechaun x Abyssal Salamander giving regular Bars instead of Abyssal Bars
  • [ItA] Fix Bird Nest Potions consuming charges on Abyssal realm actions
  • [ItA] Remove corruption menu glow if Skill isn’t unlocked yet
  • [AoD] Fix cartography not rolling for Ancient Relics on Survey action.
  • Removed inaccurate info about chances below 0 from cost reduction tooltip
  • Adjust preservation chance to clamp between 0 and max cap to be consistent with doubling chance
  • Fix Shop purchases that provide conditional modifiers no clearing/resetting on stat updates.


  • Fix interfaceReady hook happening before first offline progress