Game Update - v1.3 ?11476

Minor changes and bug fixes.

Game Update - v1.3 ?11476

[ItA] = Into the Abyss only
[AoD] = Atlas of Discovery only
[TotH] = Throne of the Herald only


  • Added modifier sources for bonfire interval.

Changes & Balancing

  • Refactored offline mode detection. This should assist with issues on Mobile where some scenarios result in no/hanging offline progress due to minimising the app.


  • [ItA] Fix Cooking recipe selection displaying the incorrect amount of Abyssal XP you gain per action. This was only a visual bug, and the Abyssal XP gained per action was still accurate.
  • [ItA] Fix Eldritch Eyeball dealing Normal Damage
  • [ItA] Fix Transmutation in Alt. Magic showing it rewards Abyssal XP
  • [ItA] Fix issue that allowed Abyssal Realm pets to drop outside of the Abyssal Realm.
  • [ItA] Fix Dark Summon Consumables not consuming on Player Summon Attack
  • [ItA] Fix Production Reduction Scroll consuming on actions outside the Abyssal Realm.
  • [AoD] Fix Mining Relic 1 visually displaying as Mining Relic 5
  • [TotH] Fix Summoning Scrolls and Summoners Bag not consuming charges on Summoning Tablet usage.
  • Fix issue that allowed Cartography refinement costs to go into negatives, which granted you GP for every refinement.
  • Fix bonfire menu showing ${qty} ${logName} when no log is selected
  • Fix bonfire menu showing the incorrect interval when light bonfire is different to selected logs
  • Fixed Elemental Potion language string.
  • Fixed Qimican Star #4 requiring Level 66 Mastery instead of 50.


  • PetData now accepts “realms: string[]” as an optional property. This will allow Skill pets to only drop from specific realmed actions.