Game Update - v1.3 ?11455

New sticky Bank Tabs Setting and bug fixes.

Game Update - v1.3 ?11455

[En Only] = English only until translated.
[ItA] = Into the Abyss only
[AoD] = Atlas of Discovery only


  • [En Only] Added “Enable Sticky Bank Tabs” option in the Bank Settings. This toggles the sticky nature of the bank tabs where they remain at the top of the page when you scroll.
  • Added a reload button to the error popup for convenience.
  • [AoD] Added icon for Barrier Regeneration


  • Improved save load error reporting in an effort to catch potential infinite loading issues. This should also display a popup log of the issue if it's caught.
  • [ItA] Fixed incorrect Soul drop quantities on most of the ItA Monsters.
  • [AoD] Fixed Ancient Relics level cap selections being “100 -> 99” after defeating Impending Darkness.
  • Fixed game becoming stuck when tabbing out during offline calculation
  • Fixed Fighter Amulet not working
  • Fixed some inconsistent and unclear modifier strings