Game Update - v1.3 ?11431

Minor changes and bug fixes.

Game Update - v1.3 ?11431

[ItA] = Into the Abyss only
[AoD] = Atlas of Discovery only

Changes & Balancing

  • [ItA] Changed Obstacle Tier 4-2 Gloomite Ore cost to Brumite to match the Mining level requirements.
  • [ItA] Removed Chicken Soup requirement from ItA cooking recipes in favour of Abyssal Allotment items.


  • [ItA] Fixed many inconsistencies with Defence values on ItA equipment. This should fix issues where items that you want to equip for the reversed combat triangle would actually provide a negative bonus to the enemy’s damage type (rather than a positive). This change only affects accuracy.
  • [ItA] Fixed inconsistencies with strength bonus values on Javelins and Throwing Knives.
  • [ItA] Fixed cost reduction not applying to non-shard items in Summoning
  • [ItA] Fixed Corruption Effect 10 not matching description
  • [ItA] Fix Abyssal XP displayed in Township for defeating an Abyssal Wave not including bonuses. This bug was only visual, and the correct amount of Abyssal XP was always provided.
  • [AoD] Fixed being able to spam click the Skill selection button in Ancient Relics mode, causing multiple levels to be provided.
  • Fixed some damage based on current/max HP not being capped from the change in v1.3
  • Fixed Firemaking not updating log selection automatically on level up.
  • Fix incorrect image for dungeons in combat game guide


  • Replaced damageDealtToXAreaMonsters with new scoped damageDealtToAreaMonsters modifier
  • Added CombatArea modifier scope source
  • Added data modifications for pet stats
  • Adjust IModifierScopeSource to be namespaced object + added registry