Game Update - v1.3 ?11416

More bank tabs for Into the Abyss and bug fixes.

Game Update - v1.3 ?11416

[En Only] = English only until translated.
[ItA] = Into the Abyss only


  • [ItA] Added option to purchase 5 new Bank Tabs in the Shop for AP (Cost increases each purchase, starting at 10K AP).
  • Added the ability to remove compost applied to a Farming plot.

Changes & Balancing

  • [ItA] Increased Blighted Roots Seed quantity from Thieving from 1 to 5 per drop.
  • [En Only] Slightly adjusted how bonus relating to Mining are worded when referring to a certain category of Mining nodes


  • Fix issue where Epic games client wasn’t loading ItA if not using a Cloud account
  • Fix issue where Android purchase popup was not activating.
  • Fix issue with Golbin Raid causing a missing equipment set for very old saves
  • [ItA] Fix missing Abyssal level requirements to Summoning Abyssal Mark Menu
  • Fix Fox + Ent synergy not consuming tablets when making Fox tablets
  • Fix positioning of Combat minibar HP text when toggling equip sets off
  • Fix scenarios where Agility would crash due to progress bar rendering
  • Fix item charge display tooltips not allowing HTML content
  • [ItA] Fix missing Shadowpearl ingredient for Shadowpearl Ring.
  • [ItA] Fix Runecrafting Pouch is not consumed when crafting Abyss Runes
  • Fix Corruption icon displaying in Combat when not owning ItA
  • [ItA] Fix the description of Abyss Spells mentioning they buff the enemy, when they actually debuff them.
  • Fix Bank Tabs not sticking to the top on mobile only.
  • Fix Mobile UI jumping around when Mastery XP changes due to sizing issues of the XP breakdown.
  • [ItA] Fixed cost reduction tooltip saying it was capped at 80% “chance”