Game Update - v1.3 ?11375

Minor Quality of Life additions and bug fixes.

Game Update - v1.3 ?11375

[En Only] = English only until translated
[ItA] = Into the Abyss only


  • Implemented a more prominent popup for when you attempt to fight in an area with the wrong damage type. The popup will let you know what Damage Type you need.
  • Skill XP and Abyssal XP is now highlighted & colour coded in descriptions to assist with distinguishing between them.
  • [ItA] Added Skill Tree Points available to spend in Skill Tree dropdown menu
  • [ItA] [En Only] Added information to Skill Trees to show how to gain Skill Tree Points
  • [ItA] [En Only] Added more info about Corruption to the Corruption Menu.
  • [ItA] Corruption Menu item in Combat will now glow slightly until you click it for the first time. Just making it obvious it's new. It won’t glow after the first open.

Changes & Balancing

  • [ItA] Removed regular Skill XP bonus from Lost Ring of the Abyss to avoid confusion.


  • Fix incorrect XP text in Mastery Checkpoint popup
  • Fix cartography not showing interval/xp modifier sources
  • Fix Slayer Blinding Scroll decreasing evasion instead of accuracy
  • Fix Currency notifications not showing when gaining 2 different currencies at the same time
  • Fix gap in shop sticky header
  • Fix Impending Darkness Event passives showing in enemy menu
  • Fix incorrect base primary product quantity modifiers
  • Fix being able to unequip weapons that would result in the wrong damage type
  • Fix issues with regular Summoning Skill XP not calculating as intended.
  • [ItA] Fix incorrect Item Stats on some items and amulets.
  • [ItA] Fix Harvesting 95% mastery pool checkpoint
  • [ItA] Fix Final Summoning Skill Tree node
  • [ItA] Fix Enhanced Township Rune Essence Scroll
  • [ItA] Fixed issue where skill tree points are not given in adventure mode sometimes and retroactively reward missing skill points when loading saves
  • [ItA] Fix Abyss Depths not rendering completion count correctly