Game Update - 11 July 2024 - v1.3 ?11581

ItA Item balancing and general bug fixes.

Game Update - 11 July 2024 - v1.3 ?11581

[ItA] = Into the Abyss only
[AoD] = Atlas of Discovery only
[TotH] = Throne of the Herald only

Changes & Balancing

  • [ItA] Lurker Gem - Now provides +1.2% Crit chance, -1.2% Attack Interval, -1.2% Max HP stacking up to 8 times, resetting at max stacks. Used to provide 1% bonuses for 10 stacks.
  • [ItA] Echo Walker Boots - Now provides -2.5% Attack Interval stacking up to 4 times (Stacks reset on miss). Used to provide -2% stacking 5 times.
  • [ItA] Shadeveil Cape - Chance to apply Shadeveil 100% -> 50%
  • [ItA] Shadeveil Potions - Changed chance to apply Shadeveil to 15/25/35/50%, down from 25/50/75/100%
  • [ItA] Shadeveil Potion IV only - Crit Chance +15% -> +20%
  • [ItA] Blighting Gloves - Removed -5% Attack Interval modifier.
  • [ItA] Wither Stabs - Special Attack - Damage 100% -> 85%. Hit interval 0.2s -> 0.4s.
  • [AoD] Agile Gem - Now provides  -0.8% Attack Interval stacking up to 12 times, resetting at max stacks. Used to provide -1% bonus for 10 stacks.
  • [AoD] Power Crystals - Now only functions if using Normal Damage.
  • [TotH] Critical Strike Potions - Now provide 5/10/15/20% Critical Chance, down from 15/20/25/30%.


  • Implement validation of interface version when loading saves. If the game detects an out-of-version interface, it will stop the loading process and will display an error message saying so.
  • Loading saves will now display the current action it is performing. This helps us source issues if the loading process stops at a specific step.
  • [ItA] Fixed Voidburst Bolts Combat Effect working on attack styles other than Ranged as long as they were equipped.
  • [ItA] Fixed Enhanced Gathering Scroll not working for Astrology Stardust.
  • [ItA] Fixed incorrect Abyssal Prayer Level requirement for the 4th Abyssal Prayer.
  • [ItA] Fixed issue where “Increased damage based on Attacker’s Max Hitpoints” was not working if using Abyssal Damage. This affected Ravage, Evisceration and Siphon Abyssal Prayers.
  • [ItA] Fixed incorrect bonus values for Nightmare Enhancement (Superior).
  • [ItA] Fixed incorrect description for Blighted Enhancement (Superior).
  • Fixed various special attack descriptions that were not displaying values correctly.
  • [ItA] Fixed broken image for Corrupted Dreadwalker Ghoul
  • [ItA] Fixed Toxic Wastes Slayer Area incorrectly mentioning Poison instead of Toxin for its Area Effect.
  • [ItA] Fixed Extra Bank Slot Shop purchase not capping in Hardcore Mode.
  • [TotH] Fix incorrect Meteorite spellcaster item synergy description
  • Fix Frostburn not capping damage as per v1.3 changes.
  • Fix auto burying tripling Prayer Points gained instead of doubling
  • Fix Gauntlets of Rage not showing damage type condition in description


  • Item Upgrades and their recipes can now be modified via Data Modifications.