Upcoming v1.3 Changelog + "Need to knows"

The v1.3 Major Update is less than 24 hours away, so I thought I'd use the time to provide the changelog, as well as some "need to knows" so we're all on the same page.

Upcoming v1.3 Changelog + "Need to knows"

The v1.3 Major Update is less than 24 hours away (as of the time of writing this post), so I thought I'd use the time to provide the changelog, as well as some "need to knows" so we're all on the same page.

Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss on Steam
Discover a new dimension to Melvor Idle as you descend into the Abyssal Realm! Encounter new challenges, unique environments and mechanics while mastering new Abyssal Skills. As you delve deeper, the stakes get higher… but will you rise to glory?

Need to Knows

There's a few things to consider when the v1.3 update drops.

v1.3 isn't out yet

UPDATE: If you are reading this news announcement now - v1.3 has officially been released on all platforms!

Thought I'd just mention this first, but as of the time of writing this, v1.3 is not out yet. This is just a "heads up" announcement and the changelog posted in advance.

You can check the character select screen for the version number (If you can't see it then its probably not released yet).

Your Mods will break

Due to the reworks of many fundamental systems in v1.3, your Mods will most definitely break. A few things to take note when the update drops:

  • Double check your mods and ensure they are up to date.
  • Make a local copy of your save if you wish to try and load it with mods. The game generally catches game-breaking bugs before anything happens to the save though (Better to be safe than sorry).
  • Play without mods until they are updated (Note that this results in lost Mod save data if a save is loaded without the Mod).

The good news about this is that some of the more promiment mods will be ready to go with an update as the developers have had access to the update prior to launch.

Please respect the time and effort of Mod developers as they are always working in their spare time to provide mods for you to use! Understand that they probably already know their mod is broken, and are working on a fix.

Into the Abyss is not released at the same time as v1.3

We always release the Major Update a few days before the official release of the Expansions. This allows us to fix potential critical bugs or issues leading up to the release.

Exact time Into the Abyss releases will be posted on socials closer to the date.

v1.3 Changelog

Here is the changelog for the v1.3 update.

Important Preface

  • This update adds new content required for Completion to the base game. This means Completion capes cannot be equipped until Completion is met again.
  • You are provided with a free death on your first load. This means if you are idling Combat/Thieving offline and die due to some potential changes (Like completion cape unequipping), you will not lose any items.
  • Changelog isn't final as we continue fixing some bugs leading up to release.


  • Added 4 new Strongholds to the game under a new “Strongholds” Combat category
  • Added new damage type to the game - Pure Damage - used by Monsters in the Stronghold

Equipment Slots

  • Added 3 new Equipment Slots - Enhancement slots. Used by Enhancements obtained from Strongholds
  • Equipment slots are now moddable - Mods can now add custom equipment slots.

New Items

  • Added 3 new Standard Enhancements to each Stronghold
  • Added 3 new Augmented Enhancements to each Stronghold
  • Added 1 new Superior Enhancement to each Stronghold

Quality of Life Additions

  • Added a breakdown of modifier sources for various things like XP, Mastery XP, interval, Preservation, Doubling, Thieving Stealth. This information is contained in the tooltip of the relevant bonus.
  • Added the ability to search for Agility Obstacles. Searching for any word in a positive modifier will highlight its location.
  • You can now view the Monster list of any Dungeon / Stronghold
  • Added Area Info to Combat Areas which displays information about the Combat Triangle, and also # of completions and whether you have the Pet or not.
  • Offline Progress calculation now displays its progress.
  • Added some more Combat Stats to the Combat Stats area.
  • Fishing Areas now display the Interval and XP provided by the Fish without needing to select it first.
  • You can now Export / Download / Create Shareable URL of your current save from the top-right dropdown menu.
  • The Bank Search now supports queries such as “Throne of the Herald” or “toth” which will only show items from that expansion.
  • Weapons now display their damage type icon in the Bank.

Item Changes

  • Fighter Amulet - Changed effect - While you are using Melee attack type: Enemies are Stunned for 1 Attack turn when they deal damage greater than 30% of your maximum hitpoints
  • Sailor's Top now provides -100% Fishing Special Chance
  • [AoD] Merman Pendant has now been split into two pieces which need to be upgraded to acquire the Amulet itself. Piece 1 has replaced the original Merman Pendant drop at the Melantis Dig Site, Piece 2 can be found as a rare drop from the Merman in the Underwater Ruins Combat Area. If you already have the Pendant then you still keep it and nothing else changed.
  • [AoD] Candelabra (Lit) now only requires 3 Candles, instead of 5.
  • [AoD] Biting Gloves - Nasty Bite Special Attack - Damage now capped at 2K (20K for Adventure). Description also updated.

Monster Changes

  • Wicked Greater Dragon - Confusion Special Attack - now performs an avoidable attack that deals 300 + 5% of your max hit as damage. This special attack can no longer kill you if you are too strong.
  • [TotH] Increased Torvair’s Hitpoints to 19,730, up from 19,500. They are now Combat Level 1,337.

Other Changes

  • Sleep - Adjusted Effect - Characters will now become “Drowsy” after the Sleep effect wears off for 2 of their attack turns. Drowsy increases their attack interval by 10%, and also makes them immune to Sleep.
  • Capped the damage of Burn, Poison and Deadly Poison to a total of 10K damage (100K for Adventure). This damage cap is set prior to resistance calculations (Eg if total damage after modifiers is 15K, it's then capped to 10K, then resistance applied for final value).
  • Total Frostburn total Damage is now capped at 2K (20K for Adventure).
  • Effects that deal damage based on Max or Current HP are now capped at 10K (100K for Adventure). Tooltips/descriptions should mention this detail now as well.
  • Effects that deal damage based on Max or Current HP are now affected by resistance. They used to ignore all resistances for some reason.
  • Confusion Curse - Current HP Damage 3% -> 2%
  • Decay Curse - Changed 3% Max HP Damage to 2.5% Current HP Damage
  • Despair Curse - Changed 3% Max HP Damage & 3% Current HP Damage to 3% Current HP Damage & +12% Damage Taken
  • [TotH] Fox + Dragon Synergy changed to Enemy takes +100% Burn DOT Damage, changed from Burn applied to the Enemy deal +5% Max HP as extra damage
  • The option to spend Legacy Ticks (an old feature removed 14 months ago) has now been removed from Township. If you wish to keep spending them, a mod will need to bring back the option. However, we can’t confirm if the lgacy functionality still works as intended since the rewrites in this major update.
  • Removed double bone drops from Crafting Lesser Relic

Firemaking Changes

  • Firemaking Bonfires now automatically relight using the same Logs it initially started with when depleted. This means you can start a Bonfire with Redwood Logs for its XP bonus, then switch back to Normal Logs to burn, and once the Bonfire depletes it will relight using Redwood Logs. The Bonfire will tell you which logs are used, and the quantity in your Bank.
  • If you run out of Logs for the Bonfire, it will default back to using the Logs you are currently burning.
  • Controlled Heat Potion simply makes regular logs free now.
  • Firemaking “Select Logs” will now always show all logs, instead of only the ones you have in the Bank.

UI Adjustments

  • Slightly updated the Combat UI to make better use of space.
  • Slightly updated some of the Bank UI - like the “Equip Item” panel.
  • Updated Fishing UI to now show more information about the Fish.
  • Updated Artisan Skill UI - Image is now larger and the ingredients required to craft are now always displayed. It also mentioned if there’s alternate recipes.
  • Cooking now only shows the base healing value of food instead of the adjusted value based on current modifiers.
  • Currency values now show decimal places over 1M.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Potion total sell price is not updated after upgrading potions
  • Fixed Burning Scroll of Gold never receiving it's buff from an old update
  • Fixed Fervor Scroll still using the pre-buffed description
  • Fixed Candelabra (lit) not being consumed in alt.magic
  • Fixed instances of the disabled “offline mode” screen showing up.
  • Adjust wording for Cleansing Ring to show it does not remove pre-existing debuffs
  • Fixed Summoner's Pack II and III have the apostrophe in the wrong spot
  • Fixed a TS Casual tasking showing up without the reqs to do it
  • Fixed Wooden hut double up with stone requirement
  • Fixed 'Many Eyed Monster' and 'Lots of Eyes' are listed out of order.
  • Fixed firemaking bonfire xp bonus not updating when changing logs with inactive bonfire
  • Fixed bulk and tab sell in bank failing with 0 value items
  • Adjust Agility Save Blueprint dropdown to prevent clipping on extremely narrow screen widths
  • Fixed missing scrollbar on character select page
  • Fixed large tooltips hiding behind the header on mobile.
  • Fixed red border on “Requires” in Artisan skills not disappearing when Quick Buying items.
  • Fixed Farming Relic 5 (10% increased chance to locate a Skill Pet) decreasing the chance of locating Larry The Lonely Lizard 
  • Fixed Consumable count bubbles on Combat screen not aligning correctly.
  • Fixed issues relating to Cartography map not loading in some rare scenarios.
  • Fixed Scaled Shield poison & Magicburn Shield burn working on Into The Mist
  • Fixed visual issues with Ancient Relics XP progress bar when reaching level cap.
  • Fixed Consumables concerning gem veins being consumed when mining rocks
  • Fixed issues with consumable preservation chance not working.
  • Fixed Slayer Master Relic not being accounted for when rolling a new Slayer Task.
  • Fixed issues with the calculations of Sanguine Blade bleed damage bonus.
  • Fixed Summoning Attack interval being able to reach 0.
  • Fixed instances of some Summoning Synergies working in Ancient Relics mode when they are not intended to.
  • Fixed visual bug with Firemaking Bonfire progress bar.
  • Fixed visual bug with HP master relic affecting the description of stun on the enemy
  • Fixed Big Ol Ron Not Calculating DR in Offline Combat 
  • Fixed Big ol Ron weapon effect is removed until re-equipped if any character changes happen during combat
  • Fixed issue relating to Bank slots where you would receive 5 more than intended when turning in the Very Hard Bank Slot Token TS Task.
  • Fixed Offhand 2H weapon text remaining after swapping weapon
  • Fixed Darksteel Dagger bleed damage calculation issues.
  • Fixed Township task counts not updating in real time.
  • Fixed issues with some content not visually unlocking until refreshing, like the AoD trees in Woodcutting.
  • Fixed some cases where Summoning Tablets would not be consumed correctly in Combat.
  • Fixed formatting issues for currency in the Sidebar for certain languages.
  • Fixed some visual inconsistencies with the Quick Equip menu on certain zoom levels.
  • Fixed issue where Completion Log Monster info max values were displayed wrong due to incorrect damage reduction being used.
  • Fixed Frostburn applying one extra stack than intended in certain situations.
  • Fixed Township Jungle Worship modifiers not applying correctly.
  • Fixed visual issues where “Clear the Mist” buttons do not disappear after the ID event is no longer active.
  • Fixed instances of Township Modifiers from buildings not updating when they should be.
  • Fixed Rune Costs being able to go below 1.

Technical Stuff

This section details what broke your mods.

Modifier System Rework

  • The entire modifier system has been reworked. This is simply a behind the scenes change, however it will break mods.
  • This new modifier system now tracks the sources of every modifier which will be useful for future functionality, or for mod developers to use.
  • Allows for defining of “scopes” for modifiers which allows us to attach modifiers to certain things like Skills, Currencies, Realms etc.

Combat Effects System Rework

  • This new system allows for expansive customization of Combat effects around the game.
  • Almost all content that supports a Modifier now also supports defining a Combat Effect.


Data Migration Tool & Guide

A Data Migration Tool & Guide has been created to assist with the migration of v1.2.2 mods to support the new v1.3 data format.

You can access the tool, guide and breaking changes documentation here: https://melvoridle.com/data_migration/