Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss releases 13 June 2024! Details inside.

Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss releases 13 June 2024! Details inside.

Hello everyone,

Thank you to those who joined us in the recent Livestream! It was great to go in depth with the upcoming Expansion for Melvor Idle.

Here is a recap on the details we discussed, plus more information I felt was appropriate to announce here!

Release Date & Price

Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss is releasing on 13 June 2024 on all platforms at the same time. Exact time of day is TBC.

It will cost the same as other Expansions - $4.99 USD


Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss on Steam
Discover a new dimension to Melvor Idle as you descend into the Abyssal Realm! Encounter new challenges, unique environments and mechanics while mastering new Abyssal Skills. As you delve deeper, the stakes get higher… but will you rise to glory?

Expansion Details Summary

Here is a high level breakdown on what you will find in the upcoming Expansion:

  • Introduction of “Abyssal Skill Levels” for every base game Skill. A completely separate levelling system from your standard Skill Levels.
  • 60 “Abyssal Skill Levels” worth of content for every base game Skill. Starting at Level 1 once you begin the Expansion content.
  • New content for Skills reside inside the “Abyssal Realm”.
  • New “Damage & Resistance Type” mechanic - All Abyssal Monsters deal “Abyssal Damage” and you must equip gear with "Abyssal Resistance" to survive.
  • New Combat Skill - Corruption - Gain random unique buffs during a fight to assist in killing the Monster. Note that the Monsters also have Corruption and can acquire the same buffs against you (No damage altering buffs are present).
  • New Non-Combat Skill - Harvesting - Harvest veins found in the Abyssal Realm for unique resources used amongst many of the Non-Combat Skills.
  • Brand new feature - Skill Trees - available to all base game Skills in the Abyssal Realm. Acquire Skill Points and unlock passive & permanent bonuses.
  • New Combat Challenge - The Abyss, with a final Boss waiting for you at the very end.
  • Two new currencies - Abyssal Pieces and Abyssal Slayer Coins.
  • 1,000+ new Items
  • 96 new Monsters
  • 15 new Pets
  • 12 new “Abyssal” Combat Areas
  • 14 new “Abyssal” Slayer Areas
  • Introduction of 4 Abyssal Strongholds in Combat.
  • 28 New Abyssal Magic Spells
  • 31 New Abyssal Prayers
  • Woodcutting - 12 new Trees
  • Fishing - 18 new Fish
  • Firemaking  - 12 new Logs, plus a new "Oil my Log" mechanic.
  • Cooking - 30 new Recipes, includes new Food Modifiers mechanic.
  • Mining - 15 new nodes
  • Smithing - 5 new tiers of gear
  • Thieving - 16 new NPCs
  • Fletching - 5 new tiers of gear
  • Crafting - 5 new Tiers of gear, plus new Rings, Amulets and Consumables
  • Runecrafting - New Runes, Combination Runes, and 5 tiers of gear (With variations)
  • Herblore - 20 new Potions
  • Agility - Brand new and separate Obstacle course dedicated to Abyssal content with 12 Obstacle categories and an Obelisk (just a Pillar with a different name).
  • Summoning - 24 Summoning Familiars including new synergies for all.
  • Astrology - 12 new Constellations
  • Township - New “Abyssal Wave” mechanic, new buildings, biomes, resources and rewards.
  • Farming - New allotments, herbs, trees and a brand new “Special” category of plots.
  • Plenty of other unique items and secrets!

Note: The Steam Store page will be updated to reflect the above soon!

Expansion Details

Here are some details about some of the new mechanics you'll find within this Expansion.

Abyssal Realm

The main thematic element of this Expansion is the Abyssal Realm.

All content is separated from the regular game and placed into its own Realm. It's basically just a way to categorise and organise content within the game.

When you unlock the Abyssal Realm, you'll be greeted with a new Realm selection menu within Skills. This makes it easy to distinguish what content comes from which Realm.

Abyssal Levels

All base game Skills have a new type of Level called “Abyssal Levels” with a maximum level of 60. These types of levels different to regular Skill levels which can go up to Level 99/120, and are a completely separate levelling mechanic.

When you first enter the Abyssal Realm, these Abyss Levels will start at Level 1, with new content being unlocked as you progress.

You gain Abyssal XP by performing actions within the Abyssal Realm.

The Abyss

The Abyss is the main combat challenge within the Expansion.

Depths, which are located inside The Abyss which are basically long dungeons with a final Boss that hits hard and has an incredible amount of Hitpoints. You’ll be required to defeat this Boss at least once before moving onto the next tier of Combat content.

The Abyss contains a final boss fight at the very end which marks the "end" of the Expansion.

There are a total of 8 depths to conquer.

New Combat Skill - Corruption

Corruption is a new Combat Skill that provides random powerful bonuses during Combat, assuming the character can fill their new Corruption Bar to full within any given fight.

Both you and the Monsters get Corruption, with the mechanics working the same for both.

How it works:

  • Fighting a Monster with a Corruption Level of at least 1 will allow both you and the Monster to gain Corruptions during the fight.
  • When you hit a Monster , this will begin to fill your Corruption bar.
  • When you are hit by a Monster , it will slightly reduce your Corruption bar.
  • When your Corruption Bar reaches 100%, you’ll be given a random Corruption from the Corruption Pool for the remainder of the fight.

The Corruption Pool is a predefined set of bonuses that you or the Monster can potentially acquire during Combat if your Corruption bar reaches 100%.

Most of these are locked in the beginning, and can only be unlocked by following the specified requirements shown in the new Corruption menu.

Important Information:

  • The Corruption pool will not contain any modifiers that would increase the Max Hit/Damage of the target. This is so you don’t have to worry about a random Corruption changing their max hit and killing you while Idling.
  • The Enemy has access to the same Corruption pool as you do.

New Non-Combat Skill - Harvesting

Harvesting is a Skill where you are tasked to harvest resources from Veins within the Abyssal Realm.

Veins have something called Intensity, which increases on a per-action basis. Increasing this intensity will allow you to harvest other resources from the same vein, depending on its progress. The Vein will show you what resources can be obtained, and what Intensity is required.

Resources from Harvesting are used in most, if not all, crafting skills.

Other mechanics:

  • Higher Intensity also provides increased Base Quantity of resources.
  • Intensity will slowly degenerate while the vein is inactive, unless you meet a certain Mastery level to stop this.
  • There's plenty of shop purchases and items around to assist with this Skill.

Skill Trees

We are adding a new feature for the Abyssal Realm called Skill Trees. This is a much simpler take on what you may be used to in other games.

Every Skill that has Abyssal Levels get a Skill Tree which contains many bonuses for you to unlock during your journey to Abyssal Level 60.

You gain Skill Points to spend when you increase the Abyssal Level of the Skill.

When you reach Abyssal Level 60, all nodes will be unlocked, so there's no need to worry about choosing the wrong node, or regretting a decision later.

Damage Types

We are adding a new type of damage and resistance for all Monsters, Weapons & Gear within the Abyssal Realm called Abyssal Damage & Resistance.

For Abyssal Damage, you will not be able to face regular Monsters (who use Normal Damage) if using a weapon that deals Abyssal Damage. Same goes for attempting to fight an Abyssal Monster with Normal Damage weapons.

All Monsters within this Expansion deal Abyssal Damage - so therefore you must use an Abyssal Weapon, and gear up with items that provide Abyssal Resistance to progress.

Expect large damage numbers from this new Damage Type!

Soul Points (Abyssal Version of Prayer Points)

The new Abyssal Prayers we have added require Soul Points to use.

Soul Points are acquired by collecting Souls dropped from slain Monsters in the Abyssal Realm (They drop souls instead of Bones).

You are not able to use regular Prayers in the Abyssal Realm.

Reversed Combat Triangle

To change things up even more for a bit of a challenge. there’s a new Combat Triangle used for all Abyssal Realm Combat content. It’s just the regular Combat Triangle but in reverse.

This means Melee will beat Magic, Magic will beat Ranged, and Ranged will beat Melee.

You will be able to view the combat triangle in game at any time if you every need to reference it.

Food Modifiers

Perfect Food in the Abyssal Realm grants modifiers to you as long as it is your currently active food. This will give individual food items a specific use, depending on what bonus you would like active at the time.

Gamemodes in the Expansion

This expansion comes with new/adjusted mechanics for Adventure Mode and Ancient Relics Mode (if you own Atlas of Discovery)

Adventure Mode

When you reach the Abyssal Realm, this is what mechanics you’ll be up against:

  • All Skills you have already purchased are still unlocked when you get there, except Harvesting and Corruption (You need to pay to unlock these).
  • All Abyssal Levels are capped at Level 10, except for Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Ranged & Magic.
  • You can spend Abyssal Pieces (a new currency) to increase the Level Caps of Skills by 10 per purchase. This cost increases with every purchase.
  • Level caps of Skills cannot go above the lowest Level of your Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Ranged or Magic level. So if your levels are (in order) 24/27/36/19/35/50, then you cannot increase the Level cap over 19 (the lowest level out of them).

Ancient Relics Mode

We've decided to incorporate Ancient Relics mode into the Abyssal Realm as I'm sure many Relic players would appreciate a bit of an extra challenge!

Here's the breakdown:

  • There are 6 new relics for every Skill that has Abyssal Levels to locate (5 normal, 1 Master).
  • They are unlocked the same way as regular relics, but you must be training on Abyssal content to find them.
  • You are guaranteed an Ancient Relic drop at Abyssal Level 10 & 60.
  • Abyssal Levels are capped, and can only be increased by completing The Abyss depths.
    • Same “choose from 2” mechanic provided.
  • Preservation and doubling is still disabled here, so have fun lol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be able to tell what content belongs to the Abyssal Realm, and what doesn't?

Yep! When you unlock the Abyssal Realm, you'll be greeted with a Realm selection for Skills that will allow you to easily determine what belongs where.

Q: Will there be any updates to the base game outside of the Expansion?

Yes! We've got plenty of changes, quality of life, UI updates, and bug fixes coming alongside this Expansion.

There's also some free content as well for the Base game which I will talk about in a future announcement.

Q: Do my modifiers/bonuses from the base game work in the Abyssal Realm?

A: Mostly yes. There are some exceptions to this though due to balance, so make sure you read the modifier descriptions as they will indicate whether or not they work in the Abyssal Realm (If it doesn’t say where it works, then it works for all content).

Q: Can I earn regular Skill XP in the Abyssal Realm?

A: No, all Abyssal content only grants Abyssal XP.

Q: Does Cartography or Archaeology have Abyssal Levels?

A: Unfortunately not. It was quite the undertaking to get those two Skills created, and there was no room to fit them nicely into the Abyssal Realm.

Q: Can I use my gear from other Expansions in the Abyssal Realm?

A: It’s possible, but it won’t really work. A lot of content in the Abyss requires bonuses that gear from the other expansions don’t provide.

Q: Can I use my gear from other Into the Abyss outside the Abyssal Realm?

A: Not really, no. We wanted to contain most of the content within the Abyssal Realm. This allowed us to not need to worry about affecting the balance of the game outside of this Expansion.

This also allowed us to play with new mechanics, higher damage numbers, and more insane items without nullifying content outside of it, or content in the future.