Major Update - v1.2

New Quality of Life additions, game balance, bug fixing & information on our 4th Birthday Celebration!

Major Update - v1.2

This update is the “pre-expansion” update which adds all the required changes to the base game in preparation for Atlas of Discovery’s release on 7 September 2023.

Important: Due to the changes to the game, there is a chance that your enabled Mods will stop working and your character will fail to load (You character is still safe if it fails to load). If this happens, please disable your mods until updates to the Mod are released. If you have content mods, this may result in the loss of Mod data.

New Shop Purchases

Extra Bank Tab

  • +1 Bank Tab. 100M GP

Agility Item Cost Reduction Enhancement

  • Item cost reduction in Agility can now reach 100%.
  • Requires Level 99 Agility, Level 99 Firemaking, 5 Into the Mist completions, and costs 250M GP.

Notifications v2

Notifications v2 is now out of Beta and enabled for everyone. These notifications attempt to greatly improve the notifications in game with a new style, as well as performance improvements.

Breakdown of notification features:

  • Notifications will remain on screen and increment in value until it disappears, which resets the count.
  • Has a much more compact styling compared to the old notifications.
  • You can toggle “Importance” for error messages and Summoning Mark notifications. This means the notification will remain on screen until you click it to remove it.
  • You can adjust the position of notifications to left, center or right alignment.
  • You can adjust the delay until notification disappears.
  • You can toggle Item names and current bank quantities for Item notifications.
  • You can toggle whether Skill XP notifications appear or not.
  • All existing notification settings still work with Notifications v2.

If you prefer the old notification system, you can toggle “Use Legacy Notifications System” in Settings.

New Quality of Life UI Additions

  • [EN only] Added colour coding and icons to Item descriptions, Special Attacks, and Passives to greatly improve readability.
  • Items that can be upgraded or downgraded now show an icon within the Bank. This makes it easier to spot items that can be upgraded/downgraded at a glance.
  • Added “Open in Wiki” icons around the game for Items, Skills (in the Game Guide), and Monsters. Clicking this will open the respective official Wiki page (if it exists). There is an option in Settings to disable this.
  • Auto eat icon now displays the HP threshold next to it without needing to go into the tooltip.
  • Updated the Hitpoints section within the Combat UI to increase readability.
  • Added Base Summon Max Hit text to summon item tooltips and also within summoning when creating the tablet. If the Summon doesn't attack, it will also mention this.
  • Added a "Consumable" badge to items that can go in the consumable slot.
  • Added colour coding to Combat Areas, Slayer Areas and Dungeons to denote which Expansion they are part of. This can be disabled in Settings.
  • Added a visual “Game Guide” link to Skill headers.
  • Farming now has icons that show what XP/MXP/MPXP is earnt.

Other Additions / Changes

  • Combat Area and Slayer Area difficulty is now determined based on the Slayer tier of the Monsters inside.
  • Added new “Super Dark” mode which can be toggled in Settings.
  • You can now select what Background the game uses from Settings.
  • Added new performance Setting for Steam - Reduce CPU & GPU usage by pausing actions for all Skills when the game is minimised or placed in the background to activate offline progression upon return (This was already available on the Web).
  • Cleaned up UI for View my Runes page in Combat
  • Typing an equipment slot name into the bank search will now display all items that can be equipped into it. This includes consumables and passive slot items.
  • Ignore bank full setting is now enabled by default for new characters (Skill will progress even if bank gets full).
  • Slightly updated Bank UI.

Game Balance

[TotH] = Throne of the Herald only


  • Reduced base Gold & Silver Bar Item costs for Pillars to 5K each, down from 10K.
  • [TotH] Reduced base Carrion Log & Divinite Bar Item costs for Elite Pillars to 10K, down from 30K


  • Rebalanced Axe upgrades from the Shop to provide a total of -40% Interval reduction, instead of a total of -50%.
  • The specific Axes that changed are the Black Axe and Mithril Axe only.

Township General

  • It is now possible to repair buildings if your population happens to fall below the requirements to build that tier due to building degradation.

Township Buildings

  • Storage buildings no longer degrade. If yours is sitting at below 100%, it will require one more repair to get back up to 100%.
  • Town Halls can now degrade again.
  • Town Halls now also require 100k Bars, 50K Herbs & 50K Potions to construct.
  • Increased Wood and Stone cost of Town Halls to 100K each.
  • Trading Posts now require 5M GP each to construct.
  • Trading Posts also now require 2K Potions and Herbs to construct.

Township Modifiers

  • Increased/decreased building cost no longer affects GP cost of buildings, only Township resource costs.

Township Seasons

  • Added +50% Repair Costs to Winter Season.
  • Added -25% Repair Costs to Spring Season.

Township Trader Consumables

  • Fervor Scroll - Now decreases Target Damage Reduction by 4%, up from 2%
  • Quick Burner Scroll - Now provides -2% FM Interval, up from -1%
  • Quick Burner Scroll II - Now provides -5% FM Interval, up from -4%
  • Looter Pouch - Now provides +4% chance to double loot in Combat, up from +2%
  • Leather Crafter Scroll - Now provides +10% chance to double Leather/D-Hide in Crafting, up from +5%
  • Burning Scroll Of Gold - Now provides +10% GP from FM, up from +5%
  • Burning Scroll Of Gold II - Now Provides +20% GP from FM, up from +10%
  • Gem Finder Scroll - Now provides +10% chance to locate a second gem, up from +5%
  • Slayer Deterer - Now provides +2% DR against Slayer Task ,up from +1%

Township Trader Boxes

  • All boxes from Township now provide "Up to x" instead of always providing the maximum amount of an item.
  • All Boxes now require level 40/99/120 [Tier I / II / III] Township to purchase from the Trader.
  • All Boxes that had a secondary level requirement now also match the above 40/99/120 level requirement.
  • All T1 Boxes now also require 40 tasks to be completed to purchase (Not casual tasks).
  • All T2 Boxes now also require 95 tasks to be completed to purchase (Not casual tasks).
  • [TotH] All T3 Boxes now also require 115 tasks to be completed to purchase (Not casual tasks).
  • Potion Boxes now have an additional Hitpoints level requirement to purchase.
  • Herb Boxes now have an additional Herblore Level Requirement to purchase.
  • Bar Boxes now have an additional Mining level requirement to purchase.
  • Herb Boxes now provide the Herb Seeds instead of Herbs themselves. Also changed the quantity for Herb Boxes to "up to 10".
  • Adjusted the weighting of items in all Boxes so the higher level products are now rarer to obtain per box.
  • Potions in the Potion Boxes now provide up to 300, instead of 422.


  • [TotH] Reduced the sale price of Vorloran gear to 250K / 500K / 750K / 1M / 1.5M for Gauntlets / Boots / Helmet / Platelegs / Platebody.

Bug Fixes

  • Optimized game rendering functions to improve general performance throughout the game.
  • Optimized how the game saves locally to improve general performance.
  • Optimized mobile layout for Fishing.
  • Lots of fixes applied to translations.
  • Adjusted Combat equipment tooltip positioning in an attempt to fix the overlapping of information tooltips on top of the combat quick equip tooltip.
  • Fixed visual only bug where Township displayed incorrect values for each building inside a Biome (Like population, happiness etc).
  • Fixed a bug where Township would not automatically update the UI for building requirements when increasing your Health.
  • Fixed issue where Township Rewards are lost due to no bank space. Rewards will now always be added to your Bank regardless of Bank space.
  • Fixed issue where modifiers from Township buildings would not update correctly per tick
  • Fixed incorrect category tag for Township Skilling items that caused them to show up in certain bank searches.
  • Fixed a casual task that incorrectly provided Smithing Skill XP as the reward instead of Township XP.
  • Fixed Alchemist Bag II being consumed upon potion use instead of charge use
  • Fixed issue where some Township repair costs were not deducting the intended value.
  • Fixed issue where a building that was fully upgraded would display the requirements to build.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to start Cooking without the required resources.
  • Fixed issue where the game would reload when pressing "enter" upon entering a custom shop amount/quantity.
  • Fixed game crash when Agility level was decreased.
  • Fixed incorrect Mastery token drop chance for Agility.
  • Fixed issue where Steam would not automatically link your Steam account to your Melvor Cloud account.
  • Fixed blanket issue where Item Effects were not applying to the enemy as intended in some circumstances.
  • Fixed issue where chance to avoid sleep was incorrectly calculated.
  • Fixed issue where chance to hit was able to go below 0% in some circumstances.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to get infinite Prayer Point preservation in some circumstances.
  • Fixed issue with Mobile character selection UI when trying to display large values of GP
  • Fixed offline combat disabled alert not disappearing automatically when enabling offline combat
  • Applied formatting to item quantities in artisan menu when quantity is greater than 100M
  • Fixed issue where Monster respawn time interval could go below the game’s 0.25s interval threshold.
  • Fixed unique astrology modifiers trying to check costs when start was already maxed
  • Game Center should now be centered.
  • Fixed issue where coloured Item synergy borders did not display in the top-right equipment dropdown menu.
  • Fixed missing modifier description for Increased Minimum Spell Damage