Game Update - v1.3 ?11262

Game Update - v1.3 ?11262

Note: Some of these fixes were already hotfixed in the last 26 hours - This is just a breakdown + more patch notes as of the above version number.


  • Swapped position of the new dropdown menus for save management and character selection.


  • Fix save decoding issue related to combo effects
  • Fix Stronghold notification not appearing with incorrect equipment
  • Fix issue where you could not change equipment after stopping a Stronghold without first fighting something else.
  • Fix incorrect name for Normal Combat Triangle.
  • Fix shop header no longer being sticky.
  • Fix Signet half B not dropping.
  • Fix mis-alignment for health bars in combat for iPad mobile resolutions
  • Fix hammer icon always showing in TS for Grasslands
  • Fix combat minibar styling
  • Fix Astrology View All Active Modifiers button misreporting
  • Add missing Stealth source to Thieving doubling chance sources
  • Fix skill resource cap being incorrectly calculated/reported
  • Fix auto-equip food setting showing before upgrade purchased
  • Fix zero value modifiers showing up in agility passives
  • Fix township task ready icon not updating when completing/removing tasks
  • Fix Astrology + Cartography progress bar rendering when swapping tabs
  • Fix Times Fled Monster Stat not tracking
  • Fix currency formatting not showing decimals with 1M number format
  • Ban DEBUG ITEM from showing up in Golbin Raid
  • Fix missing modifiers on Firemaking Skillcapes (And Max/Comp capes)
  • Fix incorrect monkey/beaver synergy
  • Implement temp fix for incorrect completion log values for Skill Levels when TotH is not loaded.
  • Fix Monkey and Pig synergy increases crafting cost instead of decreasing it
  • Fix Spectre+Cyclops synergy value is too high
  • Fix Golbin raid crash when rendering undefined levels
  • Fix description of some modifiers
  • Fix elemental potions not working for Combination potions.
  • Fix incorrect bonus for master of nature shop purchase
  • Fix Combat GP modifiers making it possible to lose GP per attack.
  • Fix missing Dungeon Requirements.
  • Fix actions related doubling sources not showing
  • Fix missing modifier scopes causing some modifiers to not work.
  • Fix missing translations