Game Update - v1.2 ?7841

Game Update - v1.2 ?7841

Atlas of Discovery


  • Tortoise Familiar in Summoning now also accepts all other Barrier Gems as recipes.


  • Heavily increased the sale price of all Barrier Gems. This in turn makes the Tortoise Familiar in Summoning require less quantity of Gems per craft.


  • Fixed an issue where the Astrology Master Relic & Agility Master Relic in Ancient Relics mode were not applying correctly.
  • [Steam] Fixed a bug where opening the Wiki from a link in the Game Guide would not open your default browser.
  • Fixed incorrect XP provided for Crystal Fletching gear, Aranite Shield, Crystal Sanction Potion and Crystallization Potion.
  • Fixed incorrect image assets for Unholy Potions.
  • Barrier gear (B) that is upgraded in Crystal Gear (C) no longer lose their chance to dodge crystallization
  • Fixed incorrect chance to dodge crystallization for the Crystal Helmet.
  • Fixed incorrect stats for the Pure Crystal Platebody (G)
  • Fixed Golden Wreath GP multiplier not working with Thieving NPCs
  • Fixed incorrectly applied flat GP modifiers for Alt. Magic and Thieving Auto Sell.
  • Fixed Ancient Whetstone using a charge when attacked by the Enemy.
  • Fixed Runecrafting Lesser Relic using charges during Combat. Also fixed it not using a charge in Cooking.