Game Update - v1.2 ?7809

Game Update - v1.2 ?7809

Atlas of Discovery


  • Pure Crystal from Mining now sells for 750 GP, up from 500 GP.
  • Tiny Spice Jar Artefact now sells for 3 GP, down from 24 GP.


  • Fixed an issue where the Cape of Completion (Base Game) and the Superior Cape of Completion (TotH) were not inheriting the modifiers from the Standard & Superior Cartography / Archaeology Skillcapes.
  • Fixed issue where Haunted Ring was providing the wrong Max Hit modifier.
  • Fixed an issue where Impending Darkness completions in Ancient Relics mode was not providing the intended Skill cap increase rewards.
  • Fixed Bone Ring modifier not working.
  • Fixed issue where Mark, the Summoning Pet, would require the new Atlas of Discovery familiar marks to be located to unlock (Pet should only require base game Marks).
  • Fixed a visual bug where Archaeology Dig Site values would not automatically update the reflected new refinements applied to Dig Site Maps.
  • Fixed unintentional item doubling in Thieving in Ancient Relics Mode.
  • Fixed issue where Crystal and Pure Crystal Ore nodes in Mining did not provide gem rewards. This in turn also fixes the Gem Gloves not working on these nodes.
  • Fixed unintended sale price for Elemental Scrolls in Archaeology.


  • Removed hard coded properties that handle Skill level cap increases and Skill selections, moving them to the namespaced gamemode object. This change allows Mod creators to determine how their custom Skills are handled in Ancient Relics mode with ease, and increases compatibility of this adjustment when multiple custom Skills are installed.