Game Update - v1.2 ?7785

Game Update - v1.2 ?7785

Atlas of Discovery

[EN] = Visible to English language only until translations are complete.

New (UI)

  • [EN] Added an explanation of the Hex Mastery system to the View Hex Mastery popup.
  • The View Hex Mastery popup will now display how many hexes you have mastered.
  • The Hex Mastery popup will now explain what Hex Mastery is, and how it works.
  • The Hex Mastery popup will also display how many Hexes you have mastered.
  • Compacted some Mobile UI elements for Cartography.
  • Added Max Hex Level indicator to the Hex progress UI.
  • Hovering over the Barrier Bar or Icon within Combat will now display the Barrier information just like it does for the Combat Areas themselves.

New (Settings)

  • Added a setting to throttle Cartography Map frame rate cap while inactive. This caps the frame rate to 10 FPS after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Added a setting to set Cartography Frame Rate Cap while active.
  • Added a setting to toggle the cat image for undiscovered dig sites in Cartography. This is disabled by default.


  • Fixed issue where the Cartography Map Quality setting had no effect on iOS
  • Fixed hidden POI markers not displaying automatically when locating a required item.
  • Fixed issue with how Max Skillcapes handled their requirements.

Base Game


  • Summer Season in Township now also provides -10% Repair Cost
  • Fall Season in Township now also provides -15% Repair Cost
  • Reduced Trading Post GP cost to build to 500K, down from 2.5M.


  • Added a failsafe to the game which will prevent it from loading if there is a file version mismatch. This kind of thing can only occur during the 1-5 second process of a game update.
  • Ash no longer drops from Firemaking in the Tutorial. Should help prevent issues where players are getting stuck on Tutorial Island.
  • Tutorial Island will now allow you to purchase Feathers and Bowstring after steps have been completed to unlock them. This should also fix issues where players get stuck on Tutorial Island.