Game Update - v1.2.2

Lots of new content, new mechanics, buffed content, bug fixes and more for Atlas of Discovery!

Game Update - v1.2.2

Read about the thoughts behind the new content and changes from our previous announcement:

Upcoming Changes to Atlas of Discovery
Read about the upcoming changes to the Atlas of Discovery Expansion


If you have already obtained 100% completion in Atlas of Discovery, then this update will remove that status as you will be required to obtain the new content to reach completion.

If you currently have the Completion Cape (Atlas of Discovery) equipped, then this will be removed automatically when loading into the update.

If you die upon loading into the update due to an item being automatically unequipped, you will not lose any items on death.

Atlas of Discovery

New Items


  • Reduced Hitpoints Gem: Enemy has -3% Maximum Hitpoints.
    • Obtained from Cult Grounds chest.
  • Combat Doubling Gem: +3% chance to double items in Combat.
    • Obtained from Unholy Forest chest.
  • Maximum Hitpoints Gem: +20 Maximum Hipoints.
    • Obtained from Cult Monster.
  • Slayer Gem: +3% Slayer Coins, +5% Damage dealt to Slayer Task monsters.
    • Obtained from Magic Golem Monster
  • Dungeon Gem: +5% Damage to Dungeon Monsters.
    • Obtained from Trickery Temple Chest
  • Combat Gem: +5% Damage to Combat Area Monsters.
    • Obtained from Raging Maple Monster
  • Combination Fury Gem: Combines all of the above new Gems into a single Gem.
    • Obtained by combining various quantities of the above Gems, plus an extra required Item.
    • This Gem is designed for post-AoD content.


  • Summoner's Defender: -10% Summoning Familiar Attack Interval
    • Obtained from Trickery Chest
  • Knight's Summoning Defender: -0.1s Attack Interval, -10% Summoning Familiar Attack Interval, -3% Damage Reduction, +9 Melee Attack Bonus.
    • Obtained by upgrading 3 x Summoner's Defenders & 3 x Knight's Defenders


  • Summoner's Blessed Ring: -10% Summoning Familiar Attack Interval.
    • Obtained from the Trickery Chest


  • Summoner's Blessing: Consumable, -5% Summoning Familiar Attack Interval.
    • Obtained from the Shop.
  • Archaeologist's Consumable: -10% Archaeology Interval.
    • Obtained from the Shop.

Weapon Slot

  • Enhanced Spyglass: +5 Cartography sight range, +5 Cartography survey range, -10% Cartography Interval, and -10% Cartography travel costs.
    • Obtained by combining the Old Spyglass and Enhanced Spyglass Lens

Upgraded God Gear

Aeris, Glacia, Terran and Ragnar God Gear now have Barrier (B) and Crystal (C) upgrades.

Each God (B) Piece:

  • Is an upgrade to base God gear.
  • +40% Summoning Familiar damage added as extra damage to Barrier.
  • +55 Flat Barrier damage added to Summon Familiar.
  • +35% chance to dodge Crystallization from being applied.

Each God (C) Piece:

  • Is an upgrade to (B) God gear.
  • Same bonuses from (B), plus
  • +1% chance to apply Crystallization to the Target when attacking (Target is stunned and takes +50% Damage during effect).
  • +35% chance to dodge Crystal Sanction from being applied.

Misc Items

  • Barrier God Shard: Used for high level gear upgrades like (C) God Gear and the Combination Fury Gem.
    • Obtained per completion of Underwater City Dungeon.
  • Museum Token: See below details about new Archaeology mechanic.

New Shop Purchases

All located in the Atlas of Discovery Shop category.

Permanent Unlocks

  • Travel Token: -10% Cartography travel costs
  • Dig Site Token: +6% Archaeology Skill XP

Purchasable Items:

  • Enhanced Spyglass Lens
  • Summoner's Blessing (Consumable)
  • Archaeologist's Consumable
  • Topaz Bolts (Enchanted)
  • Sapphire Bolts (Enchanted)
  • Diamond Bolts (Enchanted)


Provides all listed items on purchase

  • Summoner's Pack I: +2 Summoning Shard (Red), +2 Summoning Shard (Green)
  • Summoner's Pack II: +4 Summoning Shard (Red), +4 Summoning Shard (Green), +2 Summoning Shard (Blue), +2 Summoning Shard (Silver)
  • Summoner's Pack III: +6 Summoning Shard (Red), +6 Summoning Shard (Green), +4 Summoning Shard (Blue), +4 Summoning Shard (Silver), +2 Summoning Shard (Gold), +2 Summoning Shard (Black)
  • Combat Supply I: +200 Adamant Javelins, +200 Chaos Runes, +200 Big Bones
  • Combat Supply II: +200 Rune Javelins, +200 Death Runes, +200 Magic Bones
  • Combat Supply III: +200 Dragon Javelins, +200 Blood Runes, +200 Ancient Runes, +200 Magic Bones

Barrier Content Balancing


  • Early-Mid game Monsters no longer have Barrier Regeneration
    • Monsters from Eye-conic Cave, Mucky Cave, Tree Overgrowth, Collapsed City, Golem Territory & Unholy Forest
  • Every time a Monster regenerates Barrier, they receive a stacking debuff which applies a 5% slow, and also reduces their Accuracy and Evasion by 10%. One stack is applied per regeneration, up to a maximum of 5 stacks.
  • Monsters with Barrier now drop Barrier Dust on death (like bones). The amount of Barrier Dust dropped scales with the Monster’s maximum Barrier value and can also be doubled.
  • Monsters with Barrier Regeneration will now display it as a Passive.

Monster Drops

  • Rare Equipment obtained from monsters in Underwater Ruins Combat Area are now 25% more common.
  • Granite Golem will now drop Imbued Bronze Bars.
  • Ranged Golem will now drop Imbued Steel Bars
  • Earth Golem will now drop Imbued Mithril Bars
  • Magic Golem will now drop Imbued Mithril, Adamantite and Runite Bars.
  • Golem Chest from Golem Territory will now drop Imbued Bars instead of generic Bars.
  • Ritual Chest from Cult Grounds will now also drop Imbued Runite & Dragonite Bars

Dungeon Chests

  • Treacherous Chest now drops up to 10 siphoning barrier gems and up to 250 imbued dragonite bars.
  • Ritual chest now drops up to 100 imbued runite/dragonite bars.
  • Ritual Chest now drops up to 5 siphoning barrier gems.
  • Ritual Chest can now drops up to 3 barrier exalted shards.

Buffed Summoning XP from Barrier:

  • Summoning XP received per damage to Barrier is increased from 0.45 -> 0.67 per damage dealt.

Tortoise & Summoning Synergies

  • Tortoise: Increased Summon Familiar damage added as extra damage to Barrier to 75%, up from 50%.
  • Tortoise + Cyclops: Now provides +20% Summoning Familiar damage added as extra damage to Barrier. The old bonus did nothing as Barrier Monsters cannot be a Slayer Task.
  • Tortoise + Dragon: Increased chance to apply Barrier Burn to 20%, up from 10%.

Barrier Gear

We've increased the Flat Barrier damage outputted from Barrier Gear:

  • Bronze: 10 -> 15
  • Iron: 10 -> 15
  • Steel: 20 -> 25
  • Black: 20 -> 25
  • Mithril: 20 -> 30
  • Adamant: 20 -> 30
  • Rune: 30 -> 40
  • Dragon: 30 -> 45
  • Ancient: 40 -> 50

Visual Barrier Damage

  • Combat UI now displays your maximum Barrier Damage.
  • Summoning Max/Min hit no longer includes Barrier Damage.


New - Donate Generic Artefacts to Museum

  • You can now donate all Generic Artefacts to the Museum with a single click in exchange for Museum Tokens.
  • Museum Tokens are used for the new Shop Purchases listed above.
  • Any item from Archaeology that has no use outside of selling will be classed as a “Generic Artefact” which will be donated with a single click.
    • This includes Map items for Dig Sites, as you don't need to keep them after locating them (Cartography adds a permanent icon to your Map).
  • Locked items don’t get donated.

Archaeology Balance

  • Base Archaeology Interval is being reduced to 4 seconds, down from 5 seconds.


  • Reduced base travel cost by 75% for hexes up to Level 59 cartography requirement.
  • Reduced base travel cost by 50% for hexes up to Level 60 - 99 Cartography requirement.
  • Reduced base travel cost by 25% for hexes up to Level 100+ Cartography requirement.

Unholy Prayers

  • Unholy Prayers now use Prayer Points on every hit, changed from once per Attack Turn.
    • Unholy Marks can be applied per hit, so its only fair that Prayer Points are also used per hit.



  • Increased the chance for some rare Cartography Travel Events to appear.
  • Blunderbuss special attack for the Player now deals up to 15% normal damage per hit, instead of always 15% normal damage per hit.


  • Fixed issue where Blunderbuss special attacks for both the Player and Ghost Mercenary was calculating damage based on their own normal damage, instead of the Target’s normal damage like the description mentions.
  • Fixed issue where the Summoning Master Relic would not be active when loading a save, and would only become active again after forcing a modifier update.
  • Fixed issue where bonuses for Crafting that affect Jewelry were not applying for Rings & Amulets within the “Special Items” category.
  • Fixed issue where the Ceramic Jar was not providing its bonus to Soup correctly.
  • Fixed issue where modifiers that provide a chance to avoid Slow effects were not working on the Slow effect from Monsters within Underwater City.
  • Fixed issue where the Old Crafting Gloves was providing the incorrect percent bonus.
  • Fixed issue where Township would roll for ancient relics every time you clicked the repair all button, regardless of whether or not a building was actually repaired.
  • Fixed issue where Ranged Ammo that provided modifiers were not applying exclusively to the Ranged attack style.
  • Fixed incorrect item descriptions for existing Gems that mentioned the bonus was applied per hit, and not per turn like it actually works.
  • Fixed issue where the Cleansed modifier from the Cleansed Ring was not actually providing immunity to DOTs.
  • Fixed issue where the Puppet Master's passive that increases its Maximum Hitpoints was applying per hit, and not per turn.
  • Fixed issue where the Eradicating Gloves, Ring of Malice, Grudge Amulet, Consuming Shield, Helmet of Spite and Shield of Martyr was applying its effect for 1 turn longer than the description states.
  • Fixed incorrect description for the Power Crystal which incorrectly stated 5% bonuses, instead of the intended 10%.
  • Fixed issue where Crystal Sanction effect was applying for 1 turn longer than intended.
  • Fixed issue where the Attack Master Relic was applying its effect per Attack Turn, instead of per hit.
  • Fixed issue where the Cape of Completion (Atlas of Discovery) was providing an extra 10% interval reduction for Cartography.
  • Fixed issue where Attack Master Relic was providing decreased Global Evasion instead of Melee Evasion
  • Lemon Season should now display in the list of potential Seasons in Township once the Ancient Relic for it has been located.
  • Fixed broken effect artwork for various effects.
  • Fixed incorrect Knight’s Defender Item Description
  • Fixed issue where temporary modifiers gained in Cartography would last 1 travel action less than intended.

Throne of the Herald


  • Fixed issue where the Summoning Scrolls and Summoners Bag were not using charges when your Summoning Familiar attacks.
  • Fixed issue where the Fox + Salamander synergy was causing the item cost reduction to be 100%, instead of disabling it.

Base Game


  • We have a brand new "News" site which will become the central news hub for all things Melvor Idle. This is also where the in-game changelog will direct you when clicked.


  • The 'Set Item as Bank Tab Icon' setting will now reset the icon when the selected item is the same as the one currently set.
  • Township Casual Tasks that require you to defeat an enemy using a specific item will no longer appear unless you've found at least one of that item.
  • Township Casual Tasks that ask for Summoning Tablets will no longer appear until you've found at least one of that Tablet.


  • Fixed visual bug where Farming Plots would display the XP/MXP values for the wrong seed.
  • Fixed issue where the increased minimum spell damage modifier would not apply to Nature’s Call spell.
  • Fixed issue where the Mole + Crow Summoning Synergy would apply its bonus to Pure Essence as well, even though the description only mentions Rune Essence (It also used zero charges on Pure Essence while providing the bonus).
  • Fixed incorrect Area Effect description for Arid Plains
  • Fixed incorrect Item icon for tutorial step "Magic Preparation 2".