Game Update - v1.2.2 ?8360

Introduces Offline Client Stage 1, changes and bug fixes.

Game Update - v1.2.2 ?8360

Offline Client - Stage 1

Desktop Only (Steam/Epic - Windows, Mac, Linux & Steam Deck)

  • Activated Offline Client - Stage 1.
  • Static assets like icons and images now load locally, directly from the installation folder.
  • If a static asset is missing from the local installation folder, the game will fetch it from the CDN.

Game Client Updates

Please report further client issues to our Github if you are facing them:


  • Updated game client to NW.js v0.82.0
  • Updated to Steamworks SDK 1.58
  • Client now ships with the SDK version of NW.js by default, with devtools disabled via a flag in the installation directory.
  • Fixed an issue where the Task Manager would list Melvor Idle as "nwjs"
  • Fixed issue where the icon for Melvor Idle would be the default NW.js icon.
  • Fixed potential memory leak issue experienced during long Combat sessions without closing the game.


  • Updated game client to NW.js 0.78.1
  • Updated to Steamworks SDK 1.58
  • [Steam only] Game Client is now split into two apps, one for M1/2/3 Macs and one for Intel Macs. You'll receive a selection window when launching to select the correct binary
  • [Hotfixed] Fixed issue where launching Melvor Idle on Steam would crash due to being from an "Unidentified developer".
  • [Hotfixed] Fixed an issue where the app would not launch on Steam at all. If this is still an issue, please uninstall & reinstall.

Linux / Steam Deck

  • Nothing changed other than enabling Offline Client - Stage 1.


  • [AoD] Cartography will no longer apply transparency to hexes yet to be surveyed if you have under 5 remaining. This is to increase visibility of the last few remaining hexes.
  • The game will now display a spinner in the sidebar during the game's loading process instead of the default text. This is to convey that the game is still loading, and that your stats have not actually been reset.


  • Casual Tasks asking for Tier IV potions will no longer appear until you've acquired at least one of that respective potion.
  • [TotH] Legendary Slayer Task assignments now require level 102 Slayer (up from 100). This is changed to match the minimum Slayer level required to actually fight any monster in that category (102).
  • Jeweled Necklace can now go in the passive slot
  • [TotH] Added some information text to the Meteorite tooltip in Astrology to describe what it actually does.
  • [AoD] Unholy items can no longer go into the passive slot
  • [AoD] Unholy items that provide the Unholy Prayer effect are now Reductive effects. This means they start at 5 Stacks, and reduce by 1 stack per hit on the enemy until it disappears.
  • [AoD] Reckoning Unholy Prayer now provides +2% Damage Dealt per effect per stack, down from +10% per stack.
  • [AoD] Destruction Unholy Prayer now provides +0.5% damage based on Max HP per stack, down from +1% per stack.
  • [AoD] Malice Unholy Prayer now provides +1% increased damage based on current HP per stack, down from +1.5% per stack.
  • [AoD] Grudge Unholy Prayer now provides +2% of Maximum Hit added to Minimum Hit per stack, down from +4% per stack.
  • [AoD] King's Crown can now go in the passive slot.
  • Epic Games will now automatically grant Melvor Idle permission to verify your purchases via your account as soon as its purchased (Thanks to Epic Games for sorting this out). This means new purchases won't need to "Login with Epic" when loading for the first time. Unfortunately, this is not retroactive for accounts that already claimed/purchased the game.


  • Discord Rich Presence should now work on Epic Games client
  • Login with Playstation should now work for Epic Games, if required.
  • Removed Birthday Event setting that did nothing.
  • Fixed issue where Plant All would not display the XP/Mastery values of the seed you select
  • Fixed issue where zoom level set would not be remembered on Epic Games client
  • Fixed issue where it wasn't possible to to receive 8 seeds back from Farming with mastery (it was capped at 7)
  • Fixed issue where Bar Box II would always provide the max amount of quantity specified for Runite Bars.
  • Fixed issue Township buildings would not degrade if 0/x were built, and that building was an upgrade.
  • Fixed issue where some GP bonuses would work within the Golbin Raid.
  • Training Shield Magic XP bonus should no longer work on Alt. Magic as intended.
  • The game will now consume items when creating products in Artisan Skills first before attempting to give rewards.
  • Fixed issue where Alt Magic would crash in some rare circumstances.
  • Custom sell quantity text box in the Bank will no longer stop the box from becoming empty.
  • Fixed issue where Total Attacks stat for weapons were tracking on Enemy attacks, not player attacks.
  • Fixed some broken/missing icon assets.
  • Updated Cherry and Cherry Seed sale price.
  • [TotH] Fixed issue where the Traps Potion was not actually providing its bonus to you.
  • [AoD] Fixed issue where Lemon season in Township would display as the Solar Eclipse season instead in popup
  • [AoD] Fix issue where Archaeology spend mastery popup would not display any filtering options
  • [AoD] Fixed unintended double Imbued Adamantite Bar drop from Unholy Trees chest.
  • [AoD] Fixed instance where the game would be put into an infinite travel loop that related to Melantis Clues.
  • [AoD] Fixed visual issue where Summoning Barrier damage displayed was incorrectly calculated.