Game Update - v1.2.2 ?8256 (Mod Manager v2 + More)

Introducing Mod Manager v2 + more.

Game Update - v1.2.2 ?8256 (Mod Manager v2 + More)

This Game Update introduces Mod Manager v2, plus some minor quality of life additions.

See here for a detailed breakdown on Mod Manager v2:

Announcing: Mod Manager v2 (Now with Mod Profiles!)
We’ve got a large update on the horizon for the Mod Manager - so large we decided to declare it “Mod Manager v2”.

Mod Manager v2

  • You can now create up to 6 different Mod Profiles, allowing you to easily control what mods are enabled on a per-character basis.
  • Characters will now display what the last used Mod Profile was, and will also prompt you to switch to that Mod Profile if you attempt to load it without the correct Mod Profile.
  • The Browse tab now has infinite scroll.
  • Quickly toggle all mods' enabled state in the My Mods more (...) menu.
  • The mod details panel will now display up to four of the images added to the mod's profile.
  • The most recent changelog for a mod is always visible in the mod details panel, regardless of if you're subscribed or not.
  • Mods without any platform tags are now treated as being available for any platform.
  • Subscribed mods that are not available on the current platform will now show up in the "My Mods" tab, but still not be installed/loaded. (They also won't be dropped from your load order list anymore!)


  • Spend Mastery Pool XP screen now allows you to toggle the visibility of Items based on which Expansion they are part of.
  • Increased the base Bank Slot amount to 20, up from 12. This means everyone will receive an extra 8 Bank Slots on load.


  • Ring of Spirit Power will now correctly use Spirit Runes (This was hotfixed last week).
  • Fixed issue that allowed you to try to unlock Relics when a Skill does not have any.
  • Fixed Ancient Relics showing in skilling minibar when the Skill does not have any.
  • Fixed Skills without Ancient Relics showing in Ancient Relic Menu dropdown.
  • Fixed viewing Ancient Relics from sidebar on skill page without relics showing an invalid menu.
  • Fixed Start Dungeon buttons being offcenter.