Game Update - 3 July 2024 - v1.3 ?11550

Game Update - 3 July 2024 - v1.3 ?11550

[ItA] = Into the Abyss only
[AoD] = Atlas of Discovery only


  • [ItA] The Skill Tree dropdown menu now colour codes the available points to spend based on whether there is a node you can unlock or not (Red = no, green = yes).
  • Added a “Clear App Cache” option to the bottom of the Character Select screen for Mobile.


  • [ItA] Fix Skill Tree dropdown menu not automatically updating points to spend after unlocking a node.
  • [ItA] Fix Township buildings not showing the total Fortification they provide.
  • [AoD] Fix being unable to select the same button twice when picking Ancient Relic level cap increases
  • Fix Gem Preserver Scrolls being used when making non-Jewelry items in Crafting. 
  • Corrected many missing, broken or unnecessary HTML errors.
  • Added visible logging of save loading progress in an effort to track down potential unknown errors during a save’s loading process that doesn’t produce a popup error.