Announcing - Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss

We're extremely excited to announce our 3rd Major Expansion - Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss

Announcing - Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss

We're extremely excited to announce our 3rd Major Expansion - Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss

This expansion provides an incredible amount of new content and mechanics for you to explore. It is a late-game expansion designed to add all content after you defeat Bane in the Impending Darkness dungeon.

Expansion Details

Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss unfolds a new chapter in Melvor Idle, where the defeat of Bane has unforeseen consequences, shaking the very foundation of the game's world. A disruption has caused a massive fracture on the world’s surface, signaling the start of a dire new threat.

Emerging from this chaos is Xon, the Abyssal King, a powerful new antagonist. The defeat of Bane has drawn Xon's attention as he seizes this opportunity to bridge his realm, the Abyssal Realm, with the overworld. His goal is clear: to conquer the overworld using his vast and fearsome armies.

You will find yourself on the frontline of this new conflict, tasked with the monumental challenge of stopping Xon before his dark ambitions come to fruition.

This expansion invites you to embark on a treacherous descent "Into the Abyss," a journey filled with new challenges and mechanics not seen in the base game. As you delve deeper, the stakes get higher, and the challenges become increasingly difficult. Each depth of The Abyss, a new Combat challenge, presents a unique environment and a minion of Xon, each more formidable than the last.

Breakdown of new content:

  • All expansion content is unlocked after the defeat of Bane in the Base Game.
  • Introduction of “Abyssal Skill Levels” for every base game Skill.
  • 60 “Abyssal Skill Levels” worth of content for every base game Skill.
  • New content for Skills residing inside the “Abyssal Realm”.
  • New “Damage & Resistance Type” mechanic - All Abyssal Monsters deal “Abyssal Damage”.
  • New Combat Skill - Corruption - Exclusive to the Abyssal Realm & its content.
  • New Non-Combat Skill - Harvesting - Exclusive to the Abyssal Realm & its content.
  • Brand new mechanic - Skill Trees - available to all base game Skills in the Abyssal Realm. Acquire Skill Points and unlock passive & permanent bonuses.
  • New Combat Challenge - The Abyss
  • 900+ new Items
  • 100+ new Monsters
  • 10+ new Pets
  • 12 new “Abyssal” Combat Areas
  • 14 new “Abyssal” Slayer Areas
  • Introduction of Abyssal Strongholds in Combat.
  • 28+ New Abyssal Magic Spells
  • 30 New Abyssal Prayers
  • Woodcutting - 12 new Trees
  • Fishing - 18 new Fish
  • Firemaking  - 12 new Logs
  • Cooking - 30 new Recipes, includes new Food Modifiers mechanic.
  • Mining - 15 new nodes
  • Smithing - 5 new tiers of gear
  • Thieving - 16 new NPCs
  • Fletching - 5 new tiers of gear
  • Crafting - 5 new Tiers of gear, plus new Rings, Amulets and Consumables
  • Runecrafting - New Runes, Combination Runes, and 5 tiers of gear (With variations)
  • Herblore - 20+ new Potions
  • Agility - Brand new and separate Obstacle course dedicated to Abyssal content with 12 Obstacle categories and a Pillar.
  • Summoning - 24 Summoning Familiars, most are upgrades from their original, including new/upgraded synergies for all.
  • Astrology - 15 new Constellations
  • Township - New “Abyssal Wave” mechanic, new buildings, biomes, resources and rewards.
  • Farming - New allotments, herbs, trees and a brand new “Special” category of plots.
  • and more!

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Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss on Steam
Discover a new dimension to Melvor Idle as you descend into the Abyssal Realm! Encounter new challenges, unique environments and mechanics while mastering new Abyssal Skills. As you delve deeper, the stakes get higher… but will you rise to glory?

Expansion FAQs

When does this Expansion release?

Some time in Q2 2024. Exact date will be announced closer to release.

How much will this Expansion cost?

$4.99 USD

Why can't I preorder the Expansion?

We don't like pre-orders. You should wait until release before coming to the decision to purchase the Expansion. This goes for all games and DLCs released globally.

What platforms will this release on?

This Expansion releases on every single platform Melvor Idle is available on at the exact same time.

Do I need to own any previous Expansion to explore all content?

No, you do not need to own any previous Expansions. All content is isolated to Into the Abyss.

I like to "prep" for an Expansion release, what should I focus on leading up to this release?

  • Get your Attack Level to 99 and complete the Impending Darkness dungeon. These are the first requirements for the Expansion that you will run into.
  • Get your Skill levels to Level 99. You don't need to get every Skill to Level 99 before accessing new content though, as it will unlock with each Level 99 in the respective Skill.
  • Buy Bank Slots.

Stockpiling raw resources, materials, mastery tokens or currency won't really do much for you in this Expansion, as we are introducing new variations of almost everything.

Want to Test the Expansion?

This Expansion is still in heavy development, but we are preparing to open up early testing via our official Patreon:

Testing is designed as a way to gather early feedback, find bugs we may have missed, and ensure everything is working as originally intended. It is not intended to be used as a main save, as saves on the Test server can break easily without warning due to bugs we may have missed (Test server uses separate saves, so your main game is safe).

When the Test Server goes live, there will definitely be early bugs and issues straight off the bat which will take time to iron out. It's not an indication of the final product, as it is missing content that is still in development.